About the Owner

As a professional member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), Cathy's expertise is the result of many years of field observation and research, hands-on training with a wide variety of breeds and temperament of dogs, accredited continuing education and continuous volunteer work with area shelters.

Cathy began her career as a volunteer at Paws4Ever Animal Sanctuary working closely with the resident dogs.  Before long, she was assisting trainers with training classes and quickly developed an affinity for instructing.  She often volunteers her time at Paws4Ever as a class instructor teaching two to three training classes per week.  Her love for dogs in general and commitment to help repair the lives of the shelter dogs are the reason she is where she is today.

As a Gold Level Annual Partner with Paws4Ever, she contributes a great amount of time with the resident dogs, including training and play time.  She is also a volunteer and foster parent for a local Pit Bull rescue and continually makes her own home available to foster dogs.

Cathy believes every dog deserves a chance to live in a loving home and enjoy a family to play with.  She offers training for basic obedience, problem solving (chewing, nipping/mouthing, potty training, etc.), confidence building, impulse control, and reaction or aggression to other dogs.  Helping you understand your dog's behavior; why they do what they do, is the basis for Cathy's training program.  As you learn, your dog learns, thereby making them a better fit for your home.

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