Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Bella & Mia

I was fortunate enough to meet Cathy Abney when I took my 9 month old lab pup to a Paws4Ever Family Dog 1 class in April 2014. I also had my other 9 month old lab pup in another class with another trainer. Cathy had such a patient way with my shy pup. She was able to get her to eat out of her hand.

By the last day of class, 6 weeks later, my pup actually jumped up on Cathy in greeting. She was happy to see this new trusted person in her life.

Since then, Cathy has come to my home to continue my doggie education working with both pups. She even made time to come check the fit on my new EZwalk dog harnesses that she suggested I use with my 1 yr old labs. What a difference it made in walking them. Her tips are very beneficial.

Maggie & Drake

Maggie & Drake

Thank you so much for changing our dog walks from neighbors running in fear, to people commenting on how far we have come with the dogs. Maggie & Drake are so much more fun to walk now!

Thanks, also, for being so easy to work with. Your easy going manner definitely made the training much more comfortable for us.

Katy McClure, Volunteer Program Manager at Paws4ever

I would like to recommend a wonderful dog trainer, who has a proven track record with ALL sorts of dogs, and ALL sorts of people. Cathy Abney has been volunteering with the dogs at Paws4ever for several years, and I have worked closely with her and I have seen her in many different situations. Cathy is professional, patient, incredibly kind to dogs and to people, and she makes the entire learning experience fun for all involved!

Cathy Abney is a very special dog trainer, because she can immediately establish a calm feeling and positive tone in any training situation. She doesn’t overreact, but she maintains a strong understanding of safe dog handling techniques. She has an excellent teaching style, which conveys knowledge, control, and a great sense of humor!

Cathy really understands “tough” dogs (dogs that have a reactive nature) but she is equally skillful with shy or hesitant dogs. Cathy is extremely well liked by our volunteers, and she can help people at any level of dog training experience. For example, we have volunteers at P4E who have never even held a leash before, and we also have folks who are quite used to working with dogs. Cathy can adjust her teaching style as needed, and keep a great sense of humor about everything! Cathy is, simply put, a joy to work with, and she keeps us all laughing and enjoying our classes at P4E! Cathy brings out the very best in our rescued dogs, and she brings out the best in our volunteers. She is a REAL asset to Paws4ever, and we wish her all the success in the world!

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